Moreover, your ads will be shown only to relevant users (as you can target them in multiple ways) and you will never overspend on your ads (as you can set a daily/monthly budget). The actual cost per click varies and it depends upon the keywords that you are bidding. For instance, it can be as low as $0.05 per click or can be over $50 per click (on Google).
As of September 10, 2013, playbacks are no longer categorized as MOBILE playbacks in YouTube Analytics reports. The value may remain in reports since legacy data still falls under that category. However, following that date, mobile playbacks are classified as either WATCH, EMBEDDED, or EXTERNAL_APP playbacks, depending on the type of application where the playbacks occur.
There are some online URL shortening tools, such as Google URL Shortener or By using a shortened URL, publishers have the chance to make cold hard cash based upon the number of users who happen to visit the link. Once a user opens the link, they’re given a little treat – 5 seconds of an ad. From there, they can choose to skip the ad and be directed to the (now) shortened URL.
Next, you should specifically type search terms into the web for blogs posts on Facebook Marketing. Pick high authority blogs strategically (like posts appearing in Google’s top 10 for your subject) and write a detailed comment about results from your study. If you get lucky then these posts will be shared across social media and will direct traffic to your website.
There is an extremely high chance of conversion if users come to your website from Google’s organic search listing than from any other paid advertisement. This is why people invest so much into building their website’s SEO. Users see sites on top of organic search as “trustworthy”. Organic traffic also provide more chances for you to monetize that traffic.
Display advertisement helps in getting quick exposure and huge traffic in a short span of time. However, the ROI for display advertising is on the lower side as compared to PPC traffic as it depends on several factors like relevancy, nature of business, user experience, landing page, creative (banner, video, flash, audio) etc. But, display advertisement is perfect for branding and big companies use display advertisement for that. Below are the lists of paid display advertisement networks:

Full Disclosure This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I will never accept money from a company to promote them. Every tool, software or company that I write about on this blog is personally tested and used by me, and I will never link out to a crappy product that's not good only to make a quick buck.
Its Rules, Regulations and Restrictions – A lot of traffic sources have some pretty tough restrictions that you should be careful about. They usually have something to do with misleading banners, and content that doesn’t respect their guidelines. Every traffic provider service has specific guidelines and regulations that you’ll have to read and follow. Make sure that they are in line with the way you’re looking to promote your site.
Some of the most often overlooked tools are YouTube’s Cards and Featured Content tools. When used correctly, you can actively suggest more content for viewers to watch, potentially converting a single view into a longer, more engaging viewing session of your videos. To find views sourced from these tools, look for Video Cards & Annotations, Featured Content and Channel under the Traffic Sources of YouTube Analytics.
The best email signatures catch attention with links or buttons that appealing to viewers. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to change your signature for mass emails, depending on who your recipients are and what they’re most likely to click on. Try linking to a landing page or email subscription page to drive not just traffic, but conversions as well.
Keep in mind that I did those tests last year and Bing might have changed some things since then, I guess you can’t manually bid under $0.05 anymore from what I’m seeing right now, they pretty much update and change things almost daily, so it is possible that now the minimum is $0.05. I’m mostly doing push and native traffic these days so I haven’t used Bing for myself in a while and did not notice this until now… but I will have to update the article with this new information regarding Bing.
Responding to controversial posts within your niche field is another technique that can direct more traffic to your site. This is a great way to become more visible within your industry, provided that you do it the right way. Don’t just go around starting pointless arguments and posting random comments of disapproval just to get a link back to your website—that’s spamming, and it’ll do you more harm than good.
The subscriptions feed attracts the least amount of traffic from Browse Features. Subscribers are viewers that have opted in to receive more of your videos and they can view them from any part of your site. Because they liked the content from your channel they’ll become your biggest fans and provide the initial signals for your newly uploaded videos. Most of the traffic from your newly uploaded videos will come from subscribers.
23. Collective haveve been the leader in understanding and delivering audiences. With the premium inventory that attracts them. The innovative technology that delivers them.And the insights that define them. We have always believed that the most effective advertising comes from the intersection of the right ad, targeted to the right person, in the right environment. Not as easy as it sounds.
Subscribers are your most loyal fans. They’ve made a public commitment to your brand, content, and values. And they’re most likely to be your evangelists too. Subscribers are also important to your channel because YouTube will send them notifications about your new videos and feature them on their homepage. This means they’ll see your videos more frequently, which’ll help generate more views. Subscribers also watch twice as much video than non-subscribers, so the more subscribers you have, the more watch time your videos will collect.
The search giant Google offers Google Adwords that are inspired by what people search. Adwords will help you attract more customers and grow your business by displaying your ad to people who are ready to buy your product. Google Adwords is a great paid web traffic source because it takes you to your target audience. You are not displayed to the general public and hoping that someone will click on your link. You are front and center at people who are already interested in what you have to sell.
When you use this dimension, data in the report is aggregated on a daily basis and each row contains data for one day. You can use other dimensions to break down the data even further. For example, a traffic source report can aggregate daily viewing statistics based on the manner in which users reach your videos. This is a core dimension and is subject to the Deprecation Policy.
YouTube’s Subscribers Report will show you which videos, locations, and time periods gain and lose subscribers. This data will tell you what video topics resonate with your subscribers and where to target new subscribers. And by prioritizing your subscribers’ needs, you’ll create videos that they crave, increase your watch time, and boost your search rankings.

When you are finished with setting up all the things for the campaign, click on the Summary tab, here you will see how many impressions you will be able to receive per day with the settings and the bid that you chose. So if you want a higher impression count you will have to bid a bit more, but if you have a lower budget you can lower your bid and get fewer impressions per day.
Display Advertising usually follows a CPC or CPM pricing model and it means you have to pay for each “click” or “ad view” (and never both). Display ads are inexpensive when compared to search advertising as the CPC is extremely low when compared to search ads. It’s a perfect choice for advertisers who want to attract massive traffic and gain quick visibility.