Push traffic is just like getting a push notification on your device from a social network, app, etc. The difference being that the push notfication being sent to subscribers of the push list are in fact ads. Push traffic has been around for at least 5 years now, but within the last year the focus of push traffic has changed. Piror to 2014 push nofication traffic mostly came from Android apps that would push ads to their app users. Starting in 2019 however, several browsers started allowing web push notifications. Shortly there after ad networks took advantage of this by selling web push notification traffic.

Tip: The vast majority of people watch YouTube videos on a computer. For this reason we suggest putting your videos into playlists. When viewing a video that is in a playlist on a computer, the layout changes to highlight the other videos in that sequence and will play the next video in that playlist, keeping the viewer watching your videos uninterrupted.
Tip: The vast majority of people watch YouTube videos on a computer. For this reason we suggest putting your videos into playlists. When viewing a video that is in a playlist on a computer, the layout changes to highlight the other videos in that sequence and will play the next video in that playlist, keeping the viewer watching your videos uninterrupted.
All this is true for the opposite, as well. For example, imagine you are getting 95% of your traffic through external linking. If Facebook, blogs, and other websites are making up 95% of your traffic – you need some serious help with SEO. You’re targeting the wrong keywords, or the keywords you chose have too much competition. Either way, 5% search traffic isn’t going to help you gain organic subscribers.

If you have some kick ass video content, then YouTube is the place for you. I’ve gotten several campaigns to work on YouTube because traffic is cheap and plentiful. Just be sure to put call to actions throughout your video and try to capture their attention in the first 5-10 seconds of the video. No long winded introductions, just hope right into the meat of your content.

By selecting the “Views” section from the dashboard – as shown in the image above, you can just use the slider bar with a date range above it to customize your report date range.  Once you are able to change dates, you can pin-point how traffic increased as a result of a particular campaign or any other marketing effort that was sending viewers to your YouTube channel.  The rest of the report metrics will also adjust automatically to the date range selected.
Just wanted to know about push notification traffic. When we are promoting an article that is monetized with Adsense ads then do we need tracker for that. Is it necessary because we only want clicks and there is no way around to find whether that click converted or not but the clicks will be legit. While promoting affiliate products then tracker is a must because we are looking for return. Also how to keep our Adsense account safe when it comes to bot traffic or in general.
These dimensions indicate that a report should aggregate data based on a time period, such as a day, a week, or a month. The startDate and endDate request parameters specify the time period for which the report includes data. Note that the report actually returns data up until the last day for which all metrics specified in the request are available at the time the query is made. In reports, dates are listed in YYYY-MM-DD format.
Cards are slide-in panels that encourage people to take a desired action during a video like watch another video, subscribe to a channel, or click through to a different website. Each of your cards’ click-through rate tells you which action your viewers prefer to take while watching your videos. This can help you place the most engaging card in each of your videos, potentially boosting your watch time, subscriber growth, or website traffic.
Like most pop sources, PopAds has a ton of low-quality traffic. They’re also considered a blind network and will only pass a website ID as opposed to showing the actual referrer. This is also a source that many people new to running paid traffic flock to, because of this there are 300-400 different advertisers per country that you will have to compete against.
The API returns 100 data points for each video with ratio values ranging from 0.01 to 1.0. The times at which data is measured during video playbacks are equally spaced for each video. This means that for a two-minute video, the interval between data points is 1.2 seconds. However, for a two-hour video, the interval between data points is 72 seconds. The dimension's value denotes the exclusive end of the interval.

In today’s marketing arena, most people focus their attention on Facebook and Instagram because of its super powerful ability to drive massive conversions for marketers. If you find that you are not making a dent with Facebook or Instagram Ads or you’ve exhausted it and want to see what else is out there for you, then have a look at SnapChat ads or Snap Ads as they are referred to, and see how it can help your marketing.
What you want is this slow steady march to higher organic traffic because the organic traffic is where nearly all of the value is coming from. Now, as absurd as it sounds, these 50,000 views from YouTube ads are nearly useless in terms of actual conversions. Sometimes I get lucky and pull a subscriber, but most of the time I get absolutely nothing. The people who are watching ads are not in the mood to engage with me.
Some of the most often overlooked tools are YouTube’s Cards and Featured Content tools. When used correctly, you can actively suggest more content for viewers to watch, potentially converting a single view into a longer, more engaging viewing session of your videos. To find views sourced from these tools, look for Video Cards & Annotations, Featured Content and Channel under the Traffic Sources of YouTube Analytics.
I’ve ran a hell of a lot of traffic on Facebook personally and have a love-hate relationship with the platform. I love the fact that if I can find something that’s working I can scale it to the moon. However, because of the nature of the traffic running a campaign properly on Facebook will take a lot of your time and resources. Finally, Facebook likes to break redirects so it makes it very difficult to track campaigns with some marketing tools.

Tip: We have found that adding a single, clear, call to action at the end of your video is the most effective. This call to action should not be to buy a product or service — that’s not why people are on YouTube. Giving people the opportunity to learn more about your company or services, however, can be very effective. Try driving traffic to your website at the end of your video.  

When you visit the Home screen, YouTube will recommend videos from your subscriptions, videos watched by similar viewers, new videos and more. It’s also a place where your videos will be found by non-subscribers,  how  YouTube recommends these videos, how well the video has engaged and satisfied some of the viewers plus  your search and watch history, how often you’ve watched videos from another channel or on a particular topic and how many times YouTube has already shown that video to you.
24. Adconian: AMG is a technology company which has built one of the largest global multi-screen, multi-channel audience platforms. Our Digital Distribution Platform (DDP) enables monetization for content owners, app developers and device manufacturers to reach their global audiences across multiple devices and screens. This is done by building proprietary data profiles and models on their consumers and then selling these profiles to the highest bidder in a real-time marketplace.
Yahoo Gemini is a self-serve advertising solution that lets you advertise on Yahoo, one of the top destinations on the web with over a billion visits a month. Yahoo Gemini allows you to buy search ads as well as native advertising and you can manage your ads within a single interface. Your search ads will appear on Yahoo’s search results and your native ads will appear on Yahoo.com and its network of websites.